Criminal Law

The maze of the criminal justice system can be daunting and frustrating. Taggart Law Firm is experienced in helping clients navigate the procedures involved with all categories of allegations and offenses. Through every step of the legal process, we advocate for our clients, protecting rights and explaining options, all while establishing a thorough and dynamic defense.



Though typically considered less serious than a felony offense, a misdemeanor conviction may still involve serious consequences. For each step in the criminal process, our attorneys are dedicated to working with our clients, presenting them with options, and achieving the best possible outcome.
When confronted with a traffic violation, obtaining legal counsel is the first step to identifying potential courses of action and prospective penalties.
Criminal circumstances involving an individual under the age of 18 largely fall under the purview of the Juvenile Court. Taggart Law Firm is experienced in navigating the nuances of sensitive juvenile situations and is dedicated to finding the best course of action for our clients and their families.