Municipal Law

Centrally located and with a long history of community involvement, Taggart Law Firm is ideally situated and experienced to provide a full range of legal services to villages, townships, cities, and other affiliate entities, such as community improvement centers and economic development districts.
Though municipal law encompasses a broad and varied subject area, in over a century of serving Wayne County and surrounding areas, Taggart Law Firm has handled issues as diverse as Ohio’s public records, public meetings statutes, employee relations, and land use law. Our team is fluent in the intricacies of local government, concentrating on the building of longstanding relationships with our municipal clients.  Additionally,we provide long term counsel on finances, management of municipal resources, and the day to day business of municipalities. In 2007, Taggart Law Firm became the first firm in Wayne County to form a Joint Economic Development District between a township and municipality, promoting economic growth within the community.